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"It is no exaggeration to say that Chapel Street is one of the most agreeable streets of its kind to be found anywhere in the country. It contains some 50 buildings listed as being of special architectural or historic interest, four of which are included in the relatively rare category of grade II*, and one - The Egyptian House - is listed grade I. All of these listed buildings are individually designated as being of special Group Value for the part which they play in establishing the character of the street as a whole." In the year 2000 Ashley Barker (a former Surveyor of Historic Buildings GLC) compiled a report and made a photographic record of Chapel Street, click here to read this report.

Chapel Street around 1900, looking down the street from the corner of Princes Street with St. Mary's church in the distance. Chapel Street was originally named Our Lady Street previous to 1780.
The first shop on the left was occupied by W. H. Smith, newsagents, with the Union Hotel the next building down. The Union was called the Ship and Castle up to 1801 and the front of the building was altered in 1825, when electricity came to Penzance in 1912 the Union was the first premises to be connected.

Union Hotel
The Union Hotel in Chapel Street has the remains of a Georgian Theatre built in 1787 which, if restored, would be the oldest example of its type in the country. The Hotel also boasts the town's original public assembly room built by public subscription in 1791.

Egyptian House
At the top end of Chapel Street is one of the major landmarks of Penzance- The Egyptian House. This was built in 1836 by John Lavin, a Penzance mineralogist, to house a geological museum. On the outside, apart from the fascinating hieroglyphics, you can see Royal Arms from the periods of George III, IV and William IV. Today the Egyptian House is owned by the Landmark Trust.

The Artist Residence
Artist Residence
A boutique retreat with 18 bedrooms and apartments in the old quarter of Penzance. Artist Residence is perfect for exploring West Cornwall. Set inside a Grade II-listed 17th century Georgian manor house, each of the rooms have been individually designed by both artists and the house. We want you to feel relaxed in this little bolt-hole and able to enjoy the rugged coastline and scenery in an area that is famous for inspiring artists and explorers alike.

Maria Branwells home
Maria Branwell, mother of the Bronte sisters, is commemorated by a plaque on the house where she lived in Chapel Street and you will find the Branwell family grave in Penzance churchyard.

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Chapel Street was a finalist for the Academy of Urbanism Great Street Award 2013

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