The Hypatia Trust

The Hypatia Trust is an educational charity furthering the understanding of Woman and her achievements.

The Hypatia Trust

to further understanding of Woman and her achievements

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Registered in England No. 3198168

Charity Registration No. 1060663


Who was Hypatia.

Hypatia was born in Alexandria around 355 AD, her early learning concentrating on mathematics and astronomy. She edited and annotated works by such authors as Diophantus and Ptolemy and is credited with some early advances concerning the projection of the sphere and making scientific instruments.

Her circle of colleagues and followers formed a community based on neo-Platonic systems of thought and intellectual ties. Through private teaching and public lectures her fame was such that she became the natural adviser on current issues far and wide.

Hypatia was regarded as a model of ethical courage, righteousness, veracity, civic devotion and intellectual  prowess. Over time her moral authority and political influence, as well as her friendly alliance with the Prefect of Alexandria Orestes, made her a threat to the Christian patriarch Cyril. Within the larger political upheavals of 415 AD she was assassinated.

The principle of The Hypatia Trust is taken from the salutary words of the American historian Mary Ritter Beard, "No Documents, No History". The Hypatia Trust was set up in 1996 with registered offices at the Jamieson Library, Newmill, Penzance, UK to protect and develop the extensive collections of archives (scrapbooks, diaries, letters), books, periodicals, artefacts and ephemera with audio visual materials formed over a 30 year period by Melissa Hardie who now serves as the company secretary and one of the Trustees.

The Hypatia Trust is committed to a range of partnership, leadership and documentation activities related to women and their (often overlooked) achievements in contemporary public and private life and in history. Its primary focus is on the documentation of women's lives through the collection of literary, scientific and artistic records, the exhibition of women's arts and crafts and the publication of related texts.

Our subject is Woman and Women but our objectives are egalitarian: non sectarian, non denominational and without gender preference in membership and project work.

Our concerns are community based, environmental and regenerational. We spring from a rural background and the objective is to link to projects in rural and isolated communities where women may have few opportunities for more widespread communication and connection and who may want our support for recognition, opportunity and confidence.

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